what’s in my bag?

since i was a little girl, i’ve loved to see what treasures were hidden inside a lady’s handbag and i suppose my girlish curiosity still exists.  so in case any of you are as nosy curious as me, here’s a glimpse of what’s inside my bag at the moment.

kate spade 'all typed up'

what's in my bag details

Along with the typical miscellany of hair bands, hexbugs, teeny weeny wild animals and microcharger cars, I don’t leave home without:

1. my old school kate spade day planner.  my whole life is in that book. from my appointments, to-do’s, notes about things that inspired me, to my weekly dinner plans and shopping list, that little planner knows it all. it is much smarter than my iphone. and safer.

2. my pocket psalter.  most of you know how my heart rejoices every time i open this precious book.

3. my iphone 4s.  how this 21st century girl sends her hubby midday love notes.  and makes the occasional phone call. <3

4. an altoids tin holding my current prayer rope in progress.  if you ever get a cinammon scented prayer rope, it’s probably from me.

5. assorted roller balls.  can you tell i’m a big fan of roller balls?  one with holy oil from mt. athos, my doterra inTune essential oil blend and kate spade twirl perfume.

6. my prayer rope.  this one is usually on my wrist when i’m out and about but stays tucked inside my purse when i’m at home.

7.  my keys.  can’t go anywhere without them.

8. the latest issue of darling: the art of being a woman magazine if you’ve never heard of this incredible glossy, you should do so as soon as you finish reading this post.  darling is hands down my most absolute favorite magazine ever.  it will have a post all of it’s own soon…

9. vaseline cocoa butter lip therapy.  mostly because i adore anything miniature.  it goes on smooth and keeps your lips moist without being greasy.

10.  doterra miniature vial keychain.  what did i tell you about miniatures?  this zip up case holds eight 5/8 drams of whatever essential oils you need with you on the go.  my case holds wild orange, peppermint, balance, lemon, lavender, on guard (immunity defense), lemongrass and myrrh.  there will be a post on my new obsession with essential oils coming soon too.

11. my mary kay pressed powder.  i’m a mary kay girl for life.  most of you don’t know this but i’ve been a consultant since 1999.  i stopped selling for a couple years and then signed back up almost two years ago now as a personal use consultant.  in my humble opinion, their skin care products are the best on the market.  and you know me, i don’t pay full price for anything.  🙂

12.  assortment of cute usb drives.  because you never know when you’re going to need to pull up story ideas or character sketches.

13. papermate inkjoy 700 rt pen.  as a writer i have an understandable obsession with paper and writing utensils.  this papermate is one of my favorites.

14.  kate spade ‘all typed up’ clyde bag.  last but certainly not least, my favorite bag in the whole wide world.  this bag captured my heart from the moment i saw it.  i attribute that to my inner word nerd as well.  it’s fun and versatile, having tons of pockets and is able to be worn in the crook or your arm, on your shoulder or as a cross body bag.  and it looks like a typewriter.  need i say more?

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