Chia Seeds Egg Replacer

Did you know you could use Chia Seeds as an egg replacer?

In the past I’ve used things like bananas or applesauce but you always end up with a little of that flavor in whatever you’re making. That’s ok for some things but sometimes I don’t want any additional flavors so I recently started using chia seeds. And they work great! Plus they’re loaded with protein among many other health benefits.

Just add 1 Tbsp of seeds with 3 Tbsp of water (per egg). Let sit 15 minutes, stir, and use as you would regular eggs.

Chia Seeds as Egg Replacer

Katherine of Seamless Katherine is allergic to chia seeds and told me you can use flaxseeds as well and recommends alternating between the two.

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  1. That’s interesting! I am allergic to flaxseed, so I’m thrilled to find out the chia seed will do the same thing! Thanks for posting this!

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