Orthodox Advent Study {download for sale}

Many of you may have already noticed the Advent Study tab at the top of the page.  Thank you so much to all of you who have already purchased a copy, I hope it serves as a great resource for you!  For those of you who have not seen it yet, it is a 6-week study with weekly devotionals and stories along with daily Scripture readings, recipes, and other activities.  This  66-page study was created to help us keep our minds and hearts on Christ this Christmas season instead of the hustle and bustle happening right outside our doors.

I’ve wanted to create something like this for awhile now and finally decided to give it a go a couple of years ago.  But not long after I started working on it, I realized what an enormous project it really was.  Soon, things that required immediate attention forced me to set it aside–again and again…  This year I was determined to get it all together and so it is finally available for download for only $5.50!

Advent Study

This 66-page eBook was created with the hope of assisting us to overcome the spirit of secularism by offering some simple things to ponder every day during the next six weeks.  We’ll also discuss some common misconceptions (Was it a stable or a cave? Were Mary and Joseph betrothed or married?) that will help us gain a better understanding of what really happened that holy night so many years ago in the city of Bethlehem.  

Included in this Advent Study are weekly devotionals, daily readings, and activities to help us remember who and what we are really celebrating at Christmastime.  During this study we’ll be using Holy Tradition like a set of spectacles to bring the story of the Nativity to life in 3-D!

It is very simple to use this study.  Simply print it out and place the pages in a binder or folder.  You can take it with you wherever you go!  Grab your Bible and do your daily reading and responding with your morning coffee, in car line or while waiting in the doctor’s office, or at night after everyone else is fast asleep.  It’s completely up to you!

This was truly a labor of love and I hope it serves as a help for all of us in remembering the true reason for the season, the coming of Christ into the world, this year and for many years to come.  I look forward to hearing your thoughts, likes and dislikes about the study right here in the comments.  This will help me make it better for next time!

I’ve made it as affordable as possible at only $5.50.  The only thing I ask is that you please only print enough copies for those in your household or if you know someone who truly cannot afford to purchase one of their own.  Please do not send copies of the file to those who have not purchased their own or reproduce it in any way without my written permission.

© This eBook is copyright of Sylvia Leontaritis and Adventures of an Orthodox Mom.  You may download anything on these pages for personal, non-commercial use. For any other purposes please contact Sylvia@OrthodoxMom.com. 

To order your copy, click here.

Thank you all and have a blessed and joyous Nativity season!

2 thoughts on “Orthodox Advent Study {download for sale}

  1. Dear Sylvia your efforts in putting religious material together for everybody’s benefit are admirable (at least to my opinion) and so welcome! I love the way you combine both old and new testament material with the appropriate hymnology of the church , great Fathers’ writings and Holy tradition making your material completely Orthodox as well as a great “apologetic” resource for conversations with Protestants, Catholics as well as “nominal” Christians basically educated by TV. Thank you ever so much for this. God Bless you and your family this Christmas and for Ever.
    presvytera Kalli

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