tea & jam (giveaway)

Tea & Jam Giveaway

UPDATE:  The winner is Penelope!  Please email your shipping info to Sylvia{at}OrthodoxMom{dot}com!! Congratulations and thank you all for entering!

I want to share some products with you that I’ve been enjoying almost every morning since the beginning of lent.  It has been on my bagels, english muffins and even at the bottom of my teacup.  I just love stumbling across things that I think you’ll enjoy as much as I do!  The two companies I’ll be introducing you to today not only offer top quality products but are family owned and operated, which most of you know by now are my favorite kind of company to support.  It makes me proud knowing that even amongst all the major retail giants, the little guy still exists.

nicoletta's jam

The first company is Nicoletta’s Food. Nicoletta’s offers a large variety of homemade, all natural jams and marmalades.  I think the thing I like the most about their products is how natural they really taste vs. store bought products.  Even some of the organic jams I’ve tried are excessively sweet.  Nicoletta’s jams have just the right amount of sweetness that enhances the natural flavor of the fruit.  They’re really delicious!  Even my boys have been eating them and that speaks volumes because they typically will not come within 10 feet of anything even slightly resembling a jelly.  They had their first taste of it a couple weeks ago after we went to see Paddington Bear at the theater–a rare treat for them!  During the movie they asked what marmalade was.  So when we got home I made them chocolate hazelnut and orange marmalade sandwiches.  They loved them!  They’ve taken them to school several times in their lunch since the fast began.  It’s wonderful!

Perhaps my favorite thing about Nicoletta’s Food though, is their dedication to helping their church and community while all the time giving God the glory.  Right now, they are working on a project that will allow them to convert the dining area of a local shelter into a 5-star restaurant complete with table linens, fancy tableware, waiters, music, a Maitre D’ and a professional chef who will prepare a delicious 3 to 4 course meal!

You can learn more about the Progress Place Project by visiting their Go Fund Me page.  Or if you’re in the Silver Springs, Maryland area and are interested in helping at the actual event please contact tonyalexiou@nicolettafoods.com. 

View their full line of products here.  Keep an eye out for their limited edition Fig Jam coming soon!  (I can’t wait for that one.) 🙂

It’s such a blessing to be able to get great quality products for our families while helping others in the Faith! 

greekzoe.com teas

The next company I encourage you to check out is Greek Zoe.  Darling Hubby and I have used several other products of theirs for awhile now (like this and this) and have thoroughly enjoyed each of them, but this line of teas they just started carrying are so delicious that I couldn’t not share them with you.  I know my fellow tea lovers will really appreciate them.

All of Greek Zoe’s products are imported from Greece and other places in Europe but unlike most importers today, they only bring top quality products.  Several of those products earned awards from the European Food Administration.  I also love that I can get some of the products I’ve enjoyed overseas but can never find here in the States!

The Tea Odyssey line includes 3 different flavors; Navsicca (Peppermint), Penelope (Chamomile) and my favorite, Ithaca, which is a blend of Greek mountain tea, Salvia, Mentha and Rose Petals.  It is divine!  The moment you set it to steep you can smell the unique blend of herbs.  And they are certified organic and come in biodegradable pyramid bags, which is nice too.

tea odyssey from greekzoe.com

Be sure to check out their other great products like their honey, olives, pastas and more at Greek Zoe.com!  Greek Zoe also travels around the east coast to different fairs and festivals so be sure to take a look at their special events calendar to see if they’ll be in your area anytime soon!

Want to win?


I love both of these products so much that I’ve arranged a giveaway for one lucky reader to try them both!  The winner will receive a sampler box of jams, that includes 4-2 oz. jars of their four most popular flavors, and a box of tea from the Tea Odyssey line in the flavor of their choice!

It’s simple to enter!

  • Just visit both Nicoletta’s Food and Greek Zoe‘s websites and come back here and tell me which product (from both sites) is your favorite!

To earn extra entries:

  • Share the giveaway photo (top of page) on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and/or Twitter and hashtag #orthodoxmomgiveaway!  You’ll get an extra entry for each post! Be sure to use the hashtag or leave a link in the comments so I can verify your post. 

I’ll use random.org to choose a winner!  Winner will be announced on St. Patrick’s Day!


29 thoughts on “tea & jam (giveaway)

  1. The orange marmalade looks heavenly. I’d love to try it with the chamomile tea! Although those olives do look tempting too.

  2. The raspberry jam at Nicoletta’s looks great (although the marmalade sandwich you made your boys sounds delicious too!). So many great things at Greek Zoe – the olive, caper and almond pate would be great for Lent. Many thanks for sharing withe us!

  3. Raspberry jam and Ithaca tea for me too, but all the flavors of jam look fabulous, and so does the Greek olive oil!

  4. From Nicoletta’s: fig Jam is always my go to, so that’s the one I’d try first, but orange marmalade is also a favorite. (Fun related fact: I played the part of Paddignton Bear in my third grade class play!)
    From GreekZoe: I absolutely love the Greek Shrines. I, too, am Orthodox, though not of the Greek tradition. But the product I’d most like to try would be either the Ithaca tea or any of the olive oil beauty products; soap, creams, etc.
    Thanks for hosting this lovely giveaway!

  5. Ooooo….. this looks wonderful!! I love the look of the strawberry jam and oh my goodness the Greek Zoe site! I love the look of the Ithaca and Penelope tea and I also want to try the feta pasta and the lavender honey.

  6. I absolutely love fig jam and would be excited to try theirs! Also, the lavender honey sounds really interesting, and it would pair well with the peppermint tea.

  7. Not sure if this is open to Canadians, but my favourites would be orange marmalade and Ithaca tea.

  8. From Nicoletta’s, I like the raspberry jam. From Greek Zoe’s, I like the organic thyme honey.

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