Apostles Craft: Fishers of Men

Fishers of Men

Altoids tins are the coolest, aren’t they?  I use one for my prayer rope supplies, one as a travel sewing kit and we even carry some lego guys and pieces in another one.  They’re just the perfect size for your purse, backpack or glove compartment.  That’s why when I saw this adorable idea for a little felt fishing set, I knew I’d be making one a few.  The first thing I thought of when I first saw it on Pinterest was what a perfect activity to use during the Apostles fast!

It only took about an hour from start to finish and required minimal assembly.

To make one you’ll need:

  • Altoids tin
  • sharp scissors
  • dowel rod (I cut mine into three and sanded the ends)
  • baker’s twine
  • stainless steel washers (be sure they’re not aluminum because those don’t stick!)
  • small magnets (mine are from Hobby Lobby.  there’s 12 #10 strength for $5.99 before 40% off coupon)
  • felt (you can use just one sheet and make the fish the same color or get 12 different colors)
  • hot glue gun
  • printer
  • double sided tape

Fishers of Men Supplies

The first thing I did was cut and sand the dowel rod.  Then I added a tiny line of hot glue to the end and wrapped the bakers twine around it.  Then I knotted the end and tied the other end to a washer.

Fishing Rod

Next, I cut out my fish.  I tried a few different ways when cutting them to see how they would glue best and I found that by folding the edge of the felt lengthwise and cutting the bottom from the tail up worked best.

Apostles Fast Craft

Once all twelve of my fish were cut out, I placed one a magnet in the front middle of the fish but not too close to the edge so there was room to glue.

Apostles Fast Kids Craft

Then I piped a line of hot glue all around the edge and quickly pressed it together.  The last thing I did was type up a little paper that has the verse from Mark 1:17 and says, “Follow Me and I will make you become fishers of men.”  and also the names of Jesus’ 12 Apostles.

You can click this link to download and print the PDF:  Fishers of Men Craft

The boys all love this!  Even Ace who I didn’t think would really care made sure to tell me he wanted a pole so he could play too.  🙂

Our Rules to Play:

  1. Everyone gets a pole and we start with the youngest player.
  2. Each player has to name an apostle.  If he names one correctly, he gets a chance to fish.
  3. Then the next player goes and so on.
  4. The person with the most fish at the end wins!
  5. Sometimes, as an extra bonus I ask the winner to recite as many of their names as they can remember.

It’s really simple but they enjoy playing and it’s a great way to learn the names of all the Apostles.  If we’re playing at home, we finish up by reading a chapter from the book of Acts.  This has been such a fun way thing for us to do during this fasting period!  I hope you all enjoy it too!

Fishers of Men Craft


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