Story of St. Fanourios + Fanouropita Recipe

I am reposting this from a few years back, since there is so little to be found on this great saint.

Today (August 27) we celebrate the feastday of one of my favorite saints, St. Fanourios the Martyr and Miracle Worker.

St. Fanourios is one of the saints that we ask to intercede for us when we lose things. His name is from the Greek word fanerono which means I reveal.

I can remember my mother teaching us to do this as children and I would actually get excited when things were lost.  When the item(s) were found, she would bake a traditional Fanouropita and I would bake my own version with my sister in our easy-bake oven.

There is not a whole lot known about his life. We know that he lived during Roman times and was in constant persecution because of his Christian beliefs. There is an icon that was discovered on the island of Rhodes during a period when the island was ruled by Turks.

The Turks decided to rebuild the walls of the city that had been destroyed during the war. They sent workers outside to collect rocks from the house ruins to help rebuild the wall. While doing this a beautiful church that was also destroyed was discovered and many icons were found inside. Most of them were destroyed to the point that you could not read the lettering on them. Amazingly, one stood out from all the others completely unharmed. It was an icon of a young man in a Roman soldier’s uniform. In his right hand he held a spear and in his left hand was a cross and a lit candle. Around he perimeter of the icon were twelve events of martyrdom that the Saint suffered, which revealed much of his life.

The Tradition of the Fanouropita

The tradition of baking a Fanouropita is a great honor bestowed upon the Saint. It is typically a small, round cake and is made whenever the saint reveals a lost object, a job, a cure or anything else the person has sought to find, is found.

Click here for the recipe.

image via Greek Table Cooking

There is a beautiful icon of St. Fanourios located at the church of St. Syridon in Palos Heights, IL. St. Spyridon’s church also has a beautiful little book that contains the life and Paraklesis service to the saint. Call 708.385.0787 to order a copy. It is the only book I have been able to locate on St. Fanourios.

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  1. wonderful! I forgot this post of yours but immediately I realized that this was where I got the information for the service! I called this church and they mailed me 2 copies for free when I desperately needed them. I was married on his Saint’s day old calendar and a year before, on this day, at the Greek monastery in Quebec, begged his intercessions for an Orthodox man who I really liked, and a year later + 13 days we were married! I hope to write on him in the next months, as he is a very beloved Saint. I thank God for your blog as it was one of the places that introduced me to him!

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