Coffee + Bible Study Group

This month we will be reading the book of Proverbs together along with the homily series Sage Counsel: Wisdom for Christian Living from the Proverbs by Fr. Josiah Trenham.  The series can be found here.

Each day we will read one chapter from Proverbs and listen to 1-2 homilies from the series.  I always keep a notebook next to me when I’m studying, so I can jot down verses or quotes that resonate with me.  Many times I go back to those notes and really take the time to reflect on them.  It’s a great way to get to know yourself on a deeper level.  Why did this particular verse stir me up?   

I’ve created a Facebook Group called Coffee & Bible Study Group.  I’d love for you to join us!  We will be meeting up on Monday mornings to discuss what we’ve read/listened to (hence, the coffee part ;))!

Also, feel free to post photos and favorite verses or quotes from our daily studies!  See you there!

*Note:  Purchasing the series is not necessary to join but I do highly recommend it! So, if you’re unable to do so but still want to join, please do! 

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  1. Sylvia- I’ve got too much going on currently to grab this book, but are you going to be doing this sort of thing monthly? Maybe I could plan ahead and look at what you are doing for next month.

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