My Journey to Bethlehem – Advent Study for Kids

Every advent season, I try to tell my children the story of the Nativity. You know, the real story with all the details. Like, Jesus wasn’t really born in a stable, it was a cave like we see in the icons. And, do you know why the Star of Bethlehem behaved so strangely, moving up and down and side to side, even hiding from King Herod?

Year after year, I say I’m going to write the story down so that I’m sure to cover all of the important parts and maybe I’ll add some activities, ooh and some craft projects. Why not toss in a few favorite lenten recipes, too?

Well, this year, friends, I did it! It was a lot of work and I rewrote it twice (which is why I’m kind of late…oops) but it is finally finished. The first two times, I was designing it with a lesson for each day, followed by an activity, but by the time I reached Day 29 I was exhausted and advent hadn’t even begun. This next time around, I created it to look more like the Adult Advent Study, with a different theme for each week and that worked perfectly!

My Journey to Bethlehem is a 65 pg. e-book that will take your child on a journey around the world.  They’ll hear the real story of the Nativity, learn about Christmas traditions in different countries,  all while having fun and not adding too much to your already busy holiday schedule.  Each week has a story, memory verse activity, craft, coloring page, and a recipe.  It is the perfect resource to help your child discover the true reason for the season this year.  The calendar allows you to view the book ‘at a glance’ so you can decide if you’ll do all the activities each week or just your favorites.

I can’t wait for you to use it and share your feedback!

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  1. I love this! I also am interested where you found that wooden spiral! I’ve seen something like it before but haven’t found where to buy it!

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