2017 Children’s Ornament Exchange

Every Christmas for the past nine years, here on OrthodoxMom.com, I’ve hosted an ornament exchange for Orthodox kids.   Parents and children gather around their tables and create the most beautiful Nativity themed ornaments to swap between our families.

Families are separated into groups, usually 10-12 per group, and we all make one ornament for each  family and ship them off along with other little snacks, stickers and goodies.  The kids love checking the mail to see what treasures arrive each day!  A few years ago we bought a special box to keep the precious ornaments that we’ve received over the years.  The boys love taking them out and reminiscing on the times they arrived and what goodies accompanied them, before hanging them on the tree.  It’s so much fun for all of us.

Ornament Exchange

So, it’s time to start organizing the 2017 Orthodox Kid’s Ornament Exchange.

We have a fabulous turnout every year,  I think there was a total of over 100 kids last year!  If you have pics, please email them to me at Sylvia{at}OrthodoxMom{dot}com.

The rules of the swap are simple:

01. Each child will make enough ornaments to send one to each member of his/her group. ORNAMENTS MUST BE HANDMADE and have a religious theme.

02. Include a card (handmade or not) making sure that their name is legible, so we know who they’re from.

03. Adding other trinkets, candies, stickers, etc is a nice gesture but it is not required.

04. Packages must be postmarked by Monday, December 11, 2017 to ensure time for the children to enjoy their ornaments before Christmas.   If you’re running late, like we all tend to do sometimes, be sure to let your group know.  We had a few “no shows” last year and that’s really unfair to those who worked hard and got theirs out on time.

05.  Ornaments are sent one per family.  Sibling names are included so that packages and cards are addressed to all of them.

PLEASE be sure if your ornaments are going to be shipped late you notify your group. It happens and it’s not a huge deal, just be courteous and let the others know.  I got a couple emails last year from families sent out X amount of ornaments but did not receive the same amount back.

***Please be sure to package your ornaments accordingly, it’s so sad when they come in broken after all the hard work the children put into them!

If you’re interested, please email:

  • Your children’s names, ages

to Exchanges{at}OrthodoxMom{dot}com by Sunday, December 10!

BE SURE TO PUT “2017 ORNAMENT SWAP” in the subject line!!  This really helps me keep track of all the emails!! 

Comments on this post will not automatically sign you up!  So be sure to send an email so I have your email address so you can receive the list of names and addresses for your group.

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  1. Hello! I sent a couple emails to sign up and didn’t get a list of where to send them out. Is it too late to resolve this?

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