Elder Paisios Canonized today!

The Ecumenical Patriarchate officially canonized Elder Paisios the Athonite today!  Glory to God!  This is so exciting for us as Orthodox Christians, to watch our beloved Gerondas receive glorification from God and the Church.  This news brought so much joy to my heart today! There are several links you can translate here on Agioritiko Vima… [Continue Reading]

Elder Paisios Canonized!

Orthodox Kid’s Ornament Exchange {Sign-ups 2014}

Every Christmas for the past six years, here on Adventures of an Orthodox Mom, a fabulous group of moms and kids team up and create the most beautiful Orthodox Christmas ornaments and swap them between our families. We have a special box full of the precious ornaments that we’ve received over the years.  The boys… [Continue Reading]

orthodox christmas ornaments

Orthodox Advent Study {download for sale}

Many of you may have already noticed the Advent Study tab at the top of the page.  Thank you so much to all of you who have already purchased a copy, I hope it serves as a great resource for you!  For those of you who have not seen it yet, it is a 6-week… [Continue Reading]

Advent Study

Chia Seeds Egg Replacer

Did you know you could use Chia Seeds as an egg replacer? In the past I’ve used things like bananas or applesauce but you always end up with a little of that flavor in whatever you’re making. That’s ok for some things but sometimes I don’t want any additional flavors so I recently started using [Read On]

Christ Pantokrator of Sinai

Metropolitan Athanasios of Lemesou (Cyprus) on visit from the Pope

This article was originally posted here. Met. Athanasios of Lemesou (Cyprus) Speaks Out of Upcoming Visit of Pope to Cyprus In an interview published today, May 23, 2010 in the Cypriot Newspaper “Phileleftheros” the Metropolitan distances himself from the Archbishop’s decision to host the Pope in Cyprus. The following are excerpts from the interview: “For [Read On]

Elder Paisios the Athonite

Elder Paisios on Starting a Family

The following was taken from Elder Paisios’ Spiritual Counsels series, Volume IV Family Life.  I’ve mentioned this series here, it is one of my absolute favorites.  There is just so much practical advice from this soon-to-be saint of our times.  {did you know he is being canonized this fall?  Yay!! Glory to God!  I’m sooo [Read On]

2014-05-26 20.28.46

against false union

  “These people admit with the Latins that the Holy Spirit proceeds and derives His existence from the Son. Yet, with us, they say the Spirit proceeds from the Father. The Latins imagine that this addition to the Creed is lawful and just, but we will not so much as pronounce it. They state that [Read On]


Red Balloons for Ryan

Most of you have probably seen photos of that precious little redhead Ryan Saldana and the hashtag #redballoonsforryan flooding the social media feeds over the past week.  People all over the country are #wearingredforryan today.  Including all of us. Ryan was tragically hit by a truck while chasing a frisbee last Friday night.  His mom [Read On]


Prayer Request

Χριστός Ανέστη! I just wanted to ask for all of your prayers on behalf of some friends of ours who gave birth to their baby boy 8 weeks early. Please pray that the Lord continue to strengthen baby Petro and to “sanctify his body, mind, heart and vitals“. Thank you to those of you who [Read On]


New Book for Orthodox Tweens/Teens: Voyage to the Rock {giveaway}

Xristos Anesti! Christ is Risen! One of the most difficult thing as a parent to a tween boy that loves to read is finding books that are on his reading level yet still has appropriate content.  I feel like we’ve gone through most of the good series that are out there and we recently began [Read On]

kate spade 'all typed up'

what’s in my bag?

since i was a little girl, i’ve loved to see what treasures were hidden inside a lady’s handbag and i suppose my girlish curiosity still exists.  so in case any of you are as nosy curious as me, here’s a glimpse of what’s inside my bag at the moment.

keep calm and read a psalm

The Benefits of Psalter Groups

We’re reaching the halfway point in our Psalter readings so I thought I’d post an excerpt from some of St. Augustine‘s writings on the benefits of reading the psalms to encourage us along.


Lenten Quinoa & Coconut Cream Pudding Recipe

Eating healthy has been a pretty challenging lifestyle change for us.  Sometimes we do really well and other times not so much.  I’m a meat and potatoes kinda gal with a big sweet tooth (as you can probably tell since most of my recipes are desserts, lol), so it takes enormous amounts of willpower for [Read On]

Extra! Extra!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! {OrthodoxMom.com in The Washington Post}

Adventures of an Orthodox Mom is in The Washington Post today! I was recently contacted by Bonnie Benwick, food editor at The Washington Post about lenten cooking.  She asked lots of great questions like why we fast, if the kids fast and if they know why the do, etc.  I thought it was really neat [Read On]


Pascha Passports

This year, along with our Special Agent Training, we’re also taking advantage of the awesome resources made available from St. Spyridon’s Church in Loveland, Colorado.  I first saw the Pascha Passports back in 2012 on Illumination Learning.  I was super excited to do these with the boys but when I went to order them, I [Read On]