what’s in my bag?

since i was a little girl, i’ve loved to see what treasures were hidden inside a lady’s handbag and i suppose my girlish curiosity still exists.  so in case any of you are as nosy curious as me, here’s a glimpse of what’s inside my bag at the moment.

kate spade 'all typed up'

The Benefits of Psalter Groups

We’re reaching the halfway point in our Psalter readings so I thought I’d post an excerpt from some of St. Augustine‘s writings on the benefits of reading the psalms to encourage us along.

keep calm and read a psalm

Lenten Quinoa & Coconut Cream Pudding Recipe

Eating healthy has been a pretty challenging lifestyle change for us.  Sometimes we do really well and other times not so much.  I’m a meat and potatoes kinda gal with a big sweet tooth (as you can probably tell since most of my recipes are desserts, lol), so it takes enormous amounts of willpower for… [Continue Reading]

Kindness Kids Giveaway

A Kindness Kids Giveaway!

*****GIVEAWAY CLOSED********* Congratulations to Lisa for winning!  Please email your shipping details to Sylvia{at}OrthodoxMom{dot}com asap!  Thank you all for entering and stay tuned for some more great giveaways after the holidays! <3 I’m thrilled that so many of you love The Kindness Kids as much as I do!  Many of you have already gone out [Read On]

The Kindness Kids

40 Ideas for The Kindness Kids {an alternative for elf on the shelf}

Now that you’ve all met The Kindness Kids, here are some ideas we’ve been using with our new little friends. Below is our list of RACK’s (Random Acts of Christmas Kindness).  It is similar to the list we used for our regular RACK project last year.  (Here is a link to that where you can [Read On]


The Kindness Kids {an alternative to elf on the shelf}

Am I the only one struggling with the ever popular Elf on the Shelf tradition? Last year was the first year Ace came home from school asking for one.  Of course, he heard all the silly things his classmate’s elves were doing and wanted in on the fun.  Who can blame him?  Secretly, so did [Read On]


St. Basil the Great on Reading the Psalter

A blessed feast of St. Katerina to everyone! If you’ve never read the story of the Great Martyr Katerina (Catherine), there is a short and sweet version here. Today, we are ten days into our Psalter readings and I promised I would share some of the various writings I’ve found on the importance of reading [Read On]

felt christmas tree diy

Felt Christmas Tree Tutorial

Last year, I remembered the adorable little felt tree I’d seen on Pinterest but like always I remembered a bit too late.  It was only a week or so from Christmas so I just made one really quick to see how the kids would like it.  They all had so much fun with it that [Read On]

Cinnamon Bun Waffles

Cinnamon Bun Waffles {recipe}

I don’t know about you guys, but I love finding things my family will eat without complaining and only takes minutes to prepare.   Make it good for fasting days and we’ve got a  keeper. These cinnamon bun waffles have reappeared on our breakfast menu quite a bit in recent months.  I seriously can’t even [Read On]


Psalter Group Reading Assignments {Nativity 2013}

Here are the assigned readings for the Psalter Prayer group for Nativity 2013 groups. Names are numbered in order of where you begin. *Be sure to look through all the lists for your name. It will be as you signed up. There are a lot of Mary’s, Maria’s, Katherine’s, etc. Make sure you’re looking at [Read On]

Orthodox Christmas Ornaments

2013 Orthodox Kid’s Ornament Swap {sign-ups}

Whew!  It’s been a busy couple of weeks here on my tiny piece of internet homestead! Fall Favorites Swap packages were due out on Friday, Psalter Groups sign-ups began on Monday and now we’re getting ready for our annual Orthodox Kid’s Ornament Exchange!  Hooray! Every Christmas for the past five years, our family and readers [Read On]


ways to involve children in the nativity fast

This morning I dusted off my Christmas binder and began to flip through the pages.  My heart fluttered at the sight of all the beautiful decorations, yummy recipes and sweet memories of Christmases past.  I began to add reminder notes for projects I want to do with the boys this year and scribbled a few new [Read On]

Psalter Group

Psalter Group sign-ups {Nativity Fast 2013}

The Nativity fast begins in just a few days and you know what that means, right? It’s time to sign up for the Psalter Prayer Group again! Yay!  I can hardly wait to start tucking that little green book in my bag again. This is one of my favorite things during the 40-day fasts.  It [Read On]


Newly Canonized Saint Porphyrios of Kafsokalyvia {December 2}

If you follow my facebook updates, you may have seen my post about the Ecumenical Patriarchate canonizing two new elders into sainthood last week.  One is Elder Meletios of Lardos, Rhodes, who will be celebrated on February 12 and also Elder Porphyrios of Kafsokalyvia whose feastday is celebrated today! I cried when I heard this [Read On]

Fall Favorites Swap

Fall Favorites Swap {sign-ups}

Last year, we had a terrific response to our Christmas Tradition Swap but I thought I’d do something a little earlier since we also do the Orthodox Kid’s Ornament Exchange every year and the holidays are busy enough as it is. I love everything about fall.  The sights, the smells, the tastes; anything even remotely [Read On]