CLOSED: Unfading Rose CD {giveaway}

Unfading Rose

Some of you may remember the CD by Unfading Rose that I raved about awhile back.  Well, I have a copy to give away! [Read more…]

50-knot Prayer Rope Giveaway

Prayer Rope

For those of you not keeping up with the book club discussions, I wanted to let you know about a contest that is currently running.  I will be making a 50-knot prayer rope in a color of your choice!  [Read more…]

2012 Orthodox Calendar {Giveaway}

I realize most of you probably have your 2012 Calendars already, but DH bought one for our house and so did I, which leaves us with one too many and I figured I may as well give it away!

The calendar is published by St. Anthony’s monastery in Florence, AZ.  It’s written in English/Greek and lists the various feastdays (for both calendars) and fasts for each day, along with the readings of the day.  There are some *incredible* photographs of the monastery for each month!

Since I love hearing the different saints people feel a closeness to, to enter, please leave a comment with the name and date of one of your favorite saints!  I’ll choose a winner the way I always do, using a random number generator.

Winner will be announced on Monday, February 27!  

“Free Constantinople” T-shirt Giveaway

What awesome things I learned from your comments! What a fun contest!

CONGRATULATIONS TO MELANGELL! Please email your shipping info to Sylvia{at}OrthodoxMom{dot}com!

T-shirts can be purchased here with a 10% discount. Be sure to mention Adventures of an Orthodox Mom blog in your purchase order.


Some of you might know that DH and I have a side business where we import different Greek and Orthodox items from Greece and sell them to church bookstores or for church festivals on consignment. Check out our site here.

We’ve recently been adding some new products and one of my favorites is this FREE CONSTANTINOPLE T-shirt.

They come in sizes S, M, L and XL.

So I am giving one away here on Adventures of an Orthodox Mom!

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Contest ends on June 24! Good luck!


A Pocketful of Seeds {Giveaway}

Enter to win a copy of my book A Pocketful of Seeds! A winner will be randomly chosen on Monday, April 19!

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*Congratulations to Toula! Please email your shipping information to Sylvia{at}OrthodoxMom{dot}com!

I’ll be giving another book away soon so keep checking back! :)

The Christmas Shoes DVD Giveaway!

One of my favorite Christmas movies is The Christmas Shoes, starring Kimberly Williams-Paisley and Rob Lowe. Which explains how I ended up with several copies of it. So, I am going to give one away here on Adventures of an Orthodox Mom!

If you’ve never heard of this movie, here is a clip of the song from the movie:

To enter:

01. Leave a comment telling me what you think is the most important thing to remember at Christmastime.

02. Twitter, Facebook or blog about this contest for extra entries (leave links).

03. Become a follower of this blog or Twitter.

Free Prayer Journals for Kids

A couple of months ago we signed up to receive one of the free prayer journals for kids from the IOCC. What an excellent, excellent resource for Orthodox mothers to take advantage of.

The journal begins with a section on the importance of prayer then continues to give ways that the children can use their journal and learn about the needs of others. Next there is a section with the trisagion prayers, a morning, mid-day and evening prayer.

It works alongside the Ecclesiastical calendar by listing the month (starting in September) and it focuses on a different part of the world and discusses their specific needs and ways that IOCC helps the people of that region. The margins include Scripture verses, quotes from holy fathers, etc. Then on the opposite page it has a space where the child writes a list of the things they are praying for and a list of things they are thankful for.

Here’s our month of September:

In case you can’t read Ace’s handwriting it reads:

I’m Praying For:
my family, my nono, my class and my teachers

I thank God For:
our home, family, toys, health, food

This month’s focus is on the United States, which I think is great because as much as I love when he learns about the hardships of people in other countries, I think it’s equally important to realize that poverty and hunger exist here at home as well.

If you have children who are old enough to write, or can even understand well enough, I would click on over here and order a journal for your home. Also, consider giving to some of their programs. Like I mentioned in my last Handmaiden article, $0.92 of every dollar donated goes directly to their aid efforts.

Check out “My Prayer Journal Online” to see what place children are studying each month and learn different facts, how the IOCC is aiding that country and ways you can help.

15 Days for Panagia {day 7} CD GIVEAWAY!!

In honor of the Dormition feast which is rapidly approaching, I am giving away an incredible 2-disc lecture on The Life of the Theotokos by Fr. George Passias.

It is one of the most amazing sermons on . The first disc covers her life from Conception to her Betrothal and the second disc is from the Ascension of Christ to her Dormition.

Just leave a comment on this post telling me one of your favorite things about the Theotokos, it could be an icon, a memory, a miracles, anything. I just like hearing your stories. :) Then I’ll use a random number generator to choose the winner on Monday, August 10!

Here are a few links to some other great resources on The Theotokos!

Evlogia-I *love* this lesson plan for the Dormition Feast! It’s full of great ideas and projects.

Homily on The Mother of God by Fr. Demetrios Carellas. (another excellent sermon) Thanks Maria for this recommendation!

Coloring Sheets from Potamitis Publishing for your children. The kids love these!!

Orthodox Kid’s Pen Pal Giveaway!

I mentioned earlier that Potamitis Publishing sponsored the Orthodox Kid’s Pen Pal Program and that they generously donated 12 copies of My Prayer Book to give away to random pen pals!

click the book to view sample pages

So the first book goes to….

Jorie, Age 13 from Illinois

I’ll be shipping your book on Monday!!

A Few More Things…

  1. IMPORTANT: Due to the high volume of e-mails received in regards to the Pen Pal Program, I am asking everyone to please send them to PenPals{at}OrthodoxMom{dot}com!
  2. Remember letters are due out Monday, June 1st!!
  3. I am in the process of partnering the next group of Pals and I will be announcing partners (through e-mails) beginning July 1st. If anyone wishes to sign their child up and has not yet done so please contact me (at the above address) with the required information a.s.a.p.!
Hope everyone is enjoying the program!!

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