Q&A Journal for Kids


the kids are busy growing like weeds and i can’t help but want to bottle up their childhood innocence and keep it under my pillow.  every day is full of new discoveries and funny kid conversations.  and you all know how much i love kid conversations.  remember the one about christouli eating lucky’s grilled cheese sandwich?  or when ace asked if all the incense from our prayers made God sneeze?

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i’ve mentioned lots of times how much i love pinterest.  because, seriously, i do.  it’s not like other social networks that just slurp up your time leaving you zoned and distracted.  pinterest is great because it actually encourages you to do things.  i can’t tell you how many recipes, crafts, home decor, or organizational ideas i’ve found there in the past year or two.  you can follow all of my favorite pinterest ideas here.

my latest find was this awesome q&a book for kids.  i love recording the quirky and funny things the boys say all the time but sometimes i just don’t get around to it, or i try to remember to write them down when i get home and end up forgetting.  or what about the time i logged dozens of them in the notes section of my phone only to lose them when i switched phones?  :(

that’s why this journal is perfect! it is a 3-year journal that asks one random question a day.  some questions are serious, silly, or just typical.  since lucky doesn’t know how to write yet, i write down his answers word for word.  ace has been writing his own answers, but i’m beginning to notice a pattern of them being very short, which means he’s being lazy, lol.  so, i might start writing down his, too, so that i get better answers.

here are a few that we did this month:

this one is from ace’s journal.  this kid is going to really give me a heart attack when he’s in middle school.  at least, if he ever goes missing, i know where to find him.  😉


this was one of lucky’s.


gee, thanks honey.  i think, lol.

you can see the 20_ _ underneath, which is where we’ll write the answers to the same question in 2014 and 2015.  Neat, huh?

you can order them from amazon…just follow this link!

Saint Mommy

Willow Figurines Mother with Sons

The other day, after Lucky and I finished reading the Akathist to St. Panteleimon, he wanted to talk about some of the things he heard during the service, like, “For after thy prayer to Christ a child who had died from snakebite at once revived and stood up healed” and so on. After a few minutes of discussing this he asked me,

“Do you have a saint?”

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Christouli & Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

The other day on our way home from running errands, Lucky got hungry.

Lucky: Can I have my grilled cheese sandwich?

Me: We don’t have any grilled cheese.

Lucky: (points to the sandwich container from the day before on the center console) Yes we do. I didn’t eat it all yesterday, there’s more in there.

Me: No, it’s all gone. (because I ate it)

Lucky: Who ate it? Christouli?

Me: (giggling) No, Christouli didn’t eat your sandwich.

Lucky: How do you know? He probably likes grilled cheese. It’s good and Christouli likes everything good.

Does God sneeze?

This morning during prayers we read the line in the Psalms that reads, “let our prayers rise like incense before You”.

Afterward, the following conversation took place:

Ace: So our words get all swirled up in the incense and floats all the way to Heaven?

Me: Yes.

Ace: So everyone’s prayers and incense go up to God?

Me: Yes.

Ace: Does it make God sneeze?

Me: {smiling} Yes, I’m sure sometimes it does.

A is for Apple

I am sooo happy that school this week has been terrific for Ace! Yesterday he was chosen as Student of the Week {I type as I beam with pride} and was able to bring home the Clifford backpack which is full of Clifford toys, books and audio CD’s. He is also very excited to be the class line leader and teacher’s helper for the week. It’s a very cool thing to be able to get the teacher’s clipboard out of the closet and place everyone’s name on it. No one else in the class is even allowed to touch it Mom!

He also had his first class project due yesterday. The teacher traced his body and he had to decorate the person to look like himself. First he needed brown hair and a face. Next he wanted overalls on him, because all farmers wear overalls, so I found denim patterned scrapbook paper that he cut up and glued like overalls. I sewed buttons on the top and stitched around the front pocket. Then we cut up an old pair of socks and drew shoes complete with yarn shoelaces.

After that he stood back and took a look at him and said, “Something is still missing.”

So he went and tore the cover off of an old drawing notebook and glued it in the pocket because he always carry a notebook around to write stories and clues in. Then he drew a little komboskini on his arm and asked me to cut out a cross for him. He went on to draw Jesus on the cross, complete with His crown of thorns, nails, speared side and blood.

Ace: This way my whole class will know I’m a Christian and I can tell them what the bad guys did to Christouli.

Me: {smiles}  Very good, honey.  And what’s even more important is to make sure we remember what the bad guys did to him and are very careful not to hurt Him with our words or actions.


because Christouli doesn’t waste chocolate chip cookies…

After constantly lecturing my children about how shameful it is to waste food, Ace and I have the following conversation in the car:

Me: You can only eat a few of those cookies. You better not eat them all!

Several minutes pass…

Ace: Doesn’t Christouli get sad when we throw food away?

Me: {completely forgetting there are cookies in the car} Yes, he gets sad when we waste food because so many people have no food to eat at all.

Ace: I thought so. So, we have to make sure not to waste anything at all.

Me: Exactly.

Ace: Because Jesus didn’t waste any of his food or candy or popcorn {long pause} or cookies.

Me: {smiling, shaking my head and wondering when kids became so darn smart}

Conciliar catalog + Glowing Stars = Heaven to a 4 year old

We’ve had some icons taped to the bottom of Ace’s bunk bed for awhile but every so often the tape comes undone and we have to re-stick them. He likes having them there because he says they protect him and keep him safe. He’s also been wanting to put glow in the dark stars underneath.

Yesterday I was cleaning out some of my old magazines, catalogs, etc. when I ran across one from Conciliar Press. They always have such beautiful icons in their catalogs and I hate getting rid of them (we burn them).

So we came up with this:

When we were finished Ace said “Wow Mom! It’s gonna look like Heaven in my bed!”

He always says and asks the cutest things about Heaven. While we were doing this he saw the Christ Pantocrator icon and asked if it’s dark in Heaven. I told him I’m pretty sure it’s just bright daylight there and he innocently replied, “Yeah, I think so too because kids can play outside all night since it’s not dark. We don’t have to worry about coyotes either in Heaven because everything is nice there.”

Aaah…the innocence of childhood, I just try to breathe in a bit of it.