Praying the Psalms {and a few updates…}

I want to thank everyone who is participating in the Psalter Readings Group, it is such a blessing to be in a prayer circle with all of you. We will be accepting people throughout the fast, it is never too late to join.

A woman in the other group I am reading with from church sent this link the other day. It is EXCELLENT! It shows how the Psalter can be used as a Book of Needs, as St. Arsenios of Cappadocia used it. It lists all the different needs and which Psalm should be prayed for each one. I printed it out and placed it in my Psalter. Check it out here when you get a chance.

Also just a few updates:

I received an email from someone saying that they read somewhere that Noah’s mother is thanking everyone for sending Christmas cards. The family is now asking all organizations to stop sending cards so the family can enjoy his last days peacefully. Please keep him and his family in your prayers. Thank you to all of you who sent cards.

Fr. Alexios is recovering well and announced to his Bible study class that he has forgiven his offender and prays that God open his heart. Fr. Alexios is not pressing charges. As far as I know, authorities are still investigating and are planning to prosecute. Please keep both of them in your prayers. I am still accepting cards to offer support if anyone else is interested. Thank you to all of you who have sent cards already.

The Orthodox Kid’s Pen Pal Program partners have been emailed. If you signed your child up and have not recieved an email, please let me know. Again, a big thank you to Lindsay, who paired the kids up this round.

I also want to thank all of you who have pre-ordered my upcoming children’s book, A Pocketful of Seeds. I am so appreciative of your prayers, support and encouraging words. Thank you.

I pray everyone is having a blessed Nativity fast thus far!

Orthodox Kid’s Pen Pal Program {October Update}

I just wanted to remind everyone that we will be sending out the last batch of pen pal partners in a couple of weeks. We are shooting for November 2, so please get your information is a.s.a.p. We had to push the deadline back a bit due to the amount of people signing up! So far we have almost 400 children participating in the program! If you are unable to sign up for this round, we will be pairing up again around April.

If anyone would like to sign up please send this info to PenPals{at}OrthodoxMom{dot}com. Also, if you are already signed up and would not like to continue please send me a note so I can assign a new pal for your child’s partner. Please don’t feel bad about this, it is completely your decision to do so. I just want to make sure everyone is having a good experience with the program. If you and the parent of your child’s partner have decided on a different time schedule, etc. that works for you, that is completely fine as well.

I also want to thank Lindsay, my assistant for the pen pal program, for all her hard work in pairing up the children! I have been swamped with work and Lindsay has been picking up all the pieces for me. Thank you. :)

We also have 5 more My Prayer Books to give away from Potamitis Publishing! I have not been posting each month’s winner but have added a winner’s list here. Thanks everyone for your support!

Orthodox Kid’s Pen Pal Program {WINNER LIST}

Following is the list of children who have won a copy of My Prayer Book, generously donated by Potamitis Publishing in support of the Orthodox Kid’s Pen Pal Program.

1. May- Jorie, IL
2. June-Pelagia, WI
3. July-Epaminontas, SC
4. August-Lucas, ID
5. Sept-Niko, IL
6. Oct-Basil, PA
7. Nov.-
8. Dec.-
9. Jan.-
10. Feb.-
11. March-
12. April-

Winners are chosen randomly on (or around) the first of each month. Good luck!

Orthodox Kid’s Pen Pal Giveaway!

I mentioned earlier that Potamitis Publishing sponsored the Orthodox Kid’s Pen Pal Program and that they generously donated 12 copies of My Prayer Book to give away to random pen pals!

click the book to view sample pages

So the first book goes to….

Jorie, Age 13 from Illinois

I’ll be shipping your book on Monday!!

A Few More Things…

  1. IMPORTANT: Due to the high volume of e-mails received in regards to the Pen Pal Program, I am asking everyone to please send them to PenPals{at}OrthodoxMom{dot}com!
  2. Remember letters are due out Monday, June 1st!!
  3. I am in the process of partnering the next group of Pals and I will be announcing partners (through e-mails) beginning July 1st. If anyone wishes to sign their child up and has not yet done so please contact me (at the above address) with the required information a.s.a.p.!
Hope everyone is enjoying the program!!

Orthodox Kid’s Pen Pal Program {Interview}

You can check out my interview regarding the Orthodox Kid’s Pen Pal Program over at Byzantine, Texas!

First Pen Pal Letters {+ a Big Surprise!}

The theme for our first letter, which is due out by Wednesday, March 25th, is “All about me”. (All letters after this are due on the first of each month!)

Your child should include their birthday, nameday, patron saint and a photo in their letter. I did not include some of this info in the partner emails I sent out.

I think it would be fun for them to have a photo of their pal along with photos of anything else they wish to include, pet, toy, bedroom, clubhouse, etc.

Here are some suggestions for your child to write about:

  • About himself
  • What he or she is doing and learning in his schoolwork
  • Where he has gone lately
  • His favorite things
  • About his pets
  • His friends
  • His collections
  • Favorite Saints
  • Books he likes
  • Movies he has watched
  • His hobbies
  • Church activities
  • Holidays

Here are some fun things you might want to try:

  • Decorate the paper and envelope (just be sure the address is legible)
  • Make a pen pal kit to use when writing letters
  • Send a message in a bottle
  • Create a Friendship poem book (each child writes 2 copies of a poem, mails one to their pal and they make them into a book-when it’s finished they swap.)

Have fun and I can’t wait to hear about their letters! Please keep me informed!

So now do you want to know what the big surprise is?

Potamitis Publishing has generously donated 12 copies of My Prayer Book to the Orthodox Kid’s Pen Pal Program! This book is absolutely beautiful and will be a wonderful resource for 12 lucky children! The book retails for $28!

Once a month I will randomly choose a name from the list of children participating in the program to choose a winner!

Potamitis Publishing
also has a great Kid’s Corner on their website that kids can access for free! It contains oodles of different activities such as printable icons to color, church themed activities such as connect the dots, mazes, etc., online puzzles and much more! The Kid’s corner is regularly updated to provide activities that correlate with the Church calendar! You can access the Kid’s corner any time by clicking the link on my sidebar!

A giant thank you to them for their kind generosity! Be sure to check out their site for other great children’s books!

Orthodox Kid’s Pen Pal Program: Basic Rules

WOW!! I am finally finished pairing up all the children for the Orthodox Kid’s Pen Pal Program! There are just under 100 kids participating! I am so excited!

I received some great suggestions from all of you for this program! I plan to incorporate many of them as the program continues. Right now I want to get it up and running smoothly and I’ll work in the details as we move forward.

There are some basic rules that I ask you all to please keep in mind:

01. Keep an eye on your child’s letters. I am not responsible for the content of these letters. It is each parent’s responsibility to ensure the letter’s content is appropriate.

02. Letters are due on the 1st of each month. Please be prompt! This month since everyone is anxious we will make the deadline March 25th! (See next post for this month’s letter details)

03. Every so often I will have a theme for the month. I will only do this periodically, as I want the children to discuss whatever they want! :)

04. If for some reason you decide that you want your child’s partner changed or you simply are unable to continue participating, please let me know immediately so I can place the other child on the waiting list for another partner.

On the same note, if there are any problems with your child’s partner please notify me and I will contact the parents. Though I will make every attempt to resolve issues, I am not responsible for anything that goes on between partners. I truly don’t anticipate any problems but I want to make this clear ahead of time.

If you have not received your child’s partner info please email me at PenPals{at}OrthodoxMom{dot}com a.s.a.p.!! As of right now every name that I received has been partnered up and sent out.

I plan on keeping this project ongoing so I will continue accepting names. What I’m planning on doing is paling kids up quarterly.

Sunday of Orthodoxy Coloring Page

Here’s a coloring page for your children to print out and color to celebrate the 1st Sunday of Lent; the Sunday of Orthodoxy.

The boys both brought their favorite icons to church this morning. Ace chose one of St. George and Lucky chose St. Panteleimon. Ace is also very excited to cut the first leg of of Kuria Saradakosti. :)

It’s been a quiet week in our house. We don’t have cable in our home but we usually take the little t.v. out of the closet and watch a few episodes of Little House or something in the evenings. But with Lent here, we’ve decided that we’d go back to the original plan of only watching a family movie together on Sunday evenings.

Tonight we’ll be watching Saving Sarah Cain, which is one of my favorite movies. It’s based on the book The Redemption of Sarah Cain by Beverly Lewis.

What is your child’s favorite saint and why?

Here’s a link to one of my favorite Sunday of Orthodoxy sermons.

Also, just a note to those of you who signed up your children for the Orthodox Kid’s Pen Pal Program, I sent all of the boys partners out. If you signed up a boy, you should have received their partner either yesterday or today. I’m hoping to get the girls finished up and mailed out by mid-week. We had a death in the family last week and I had to go out of town for a few days so I am a little backed up. Please pray for the soul of the departed servant of God, Elias.

I will be posting a deadline for the first letter as well as the “theme” for this month! I’m really excited, I hope you are too!

Orthodox Kid’s Pen Pal Update…

Hey everyone! Below is the email I sent to everyone who has signed up for the Orthodox Kid’s Pen Pal Program. If you did not receive an email from me and wish to participate, please email me asap at PenPals{at}OrthodoxMom{dot}com so I can sign your child up! I’m really excited about this and appreciate all of your efforts in spreading the word, please continue to do so!

Greetings in Christ!

I just wanted to let all of you know that I’ll be sending out your child(ren)’s pen pal partner(s) beginning this week (I’ll be beginning this week but it may take me through next week to get to everyone). There are already over 50 children from all of the world participating! We have 1 from China, 3 from Greece, 1 from Canada and children from all over the states! I am very excited and I pray that God blesses this program and each child participating. My hope is that each child develops a wonderful friendship with their pal that will last a lifetime!

Keep an eye out for an email either this week or next from me containing several other details. What I do need from everyone that I forgot to mention in the original list of questions is:

1. Parish name, city and state (for my curiosity only)
2. Your address (duh!) :)

I also want to hear your thoughts on the program, what type of things do you think would be fun to do? Some of the things I was thinking of are maybe doing a paper icon swap one month, maybe a handmade item another month or a “surprise” that includes one of their pal’s “favorite things”. Does anyone else have any ideas? I want this to be our program and therefore encourage all of your input. These types of projects will only be every couple of months, quarterly perhaps, so that it doesn’t become to big of an obligation. They’ll only be responsible for writing one letter per month. If they want to write more often I don’t think anyone will have a problem with that.

Again, thank you all so much for participating and I’ll be posting frequent updates on the program on Adventures of an Orthodox Mom! Keep spreading the word!!

Your sister in Christ,

Pen Pal Sign Ups

Wow! I’m so excited that so many of you want to sign your kid’s up for the Pen Pal Program! We have over 25 kids signed up so far and I’m planning on creating a flyer and sending it to different churches soon too.

What I need from all of you who signed up (or wish to sign up) is:

1. Your child’s name and their patron or favorite saint
2. Birthdate (be sure to include the year)
3. Interests or hobbies (be specific)
4. Your email address or a way to contact you
5. Address
6. Parish Name

Please get this information to me by this Saturday, February 21. I’m planning to partner them up and e-mail you their partners on Monday!

Please spread the word to help this program grow! I’m hoping to keep this an ongoing project where kids can sign up at any time! Thanks everyone for your help!

BTW, I now have an Adventures of an Orthodox Mom button! Grab one for your blog!