Extra! Extra! Read all about it! {OrthodoxMom.com in The Washington Post}

Extra! Extra!

Adventures of an Orthodox Mom is in The Washington Post today!

I was recently contacted by Bonnie Benwick, food editor at The Washington Post about lenten cooking.  She asked lots of great questions like why we fast, if the kids fast and if they know why the do, etc.  I thought it was really neat that she was interested in finding out more about lenten meals, and more importantly, why we cook them.  It was a pleasure chatting with you, Bonnie!  [Read more...]

be yourself.

never try to be something you're not.

i was cleaning out some of my bookmarks this morning and i ran across this video from a few years ago.  there is inspiration everywhere if only we look!

never try to be something you’re not.

never try to be something you're not.

that one little difference may make all the difference.

stand apart.

i think this is an adorable reminder to be yourself and feel confident about who you are, especially even if you’re unlike everyone else around you.   we were all created for a
special purpose, so find yours and live it!

thank you to wendy nguyen for this awesome little video.  hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

goals, plans & dreams for 2014



I realize I’m a bit late in posting my resolutions for the new year but I took a little internet hiatus and enjoyed it more than I anticipated.  As much as I heart being a blogger, it’s nice to just live without the fuss of having to document every little thing, ya know?  Seriously, if I didn’t blog I wouldn’t touch a social media network with a ten foot pole…not even Pinterest.

However, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about my site, this little place that I love so much.  This blog is like my little getaway, my happy place, and it’s been a pretty exciting journey so far but in order for it to reach it’s full potential, I realize that sometimes means stepping out of my comfort zone and making some necessary changes. [Read more...]

Tune in to The Dr. OZ Show this Friday to watch me make Avgolemono Soup!


Early last month I received an email from one of the producers of the Dr. Oz Show asking if I’d be interested in filming a segment for one of their upcoming episodes.  At first, I thought it was spam, but DH told me to call the number listed at the bottom of the email to see if it was legit.  So I did.  And it was!

In all honesty, if it was for any other show I probably would  have declined but I really do love Dr. Oz (who said Greeks & Turks would never get along?)  and even though we don’t have cable at home, I am constantly on his site checking out his latest recommendations, perusing through the Today’s Top Stories and watching old episodes.  Actually, it was on his show that I first discovered Shaun T and started exercising again and I’ve used countless recipes from there as well.   His Banana Ginger Energy Smoothie is one of my favorites.

He really is the only celebrity medical professional that I trust, mainly because he really does say what he believes, even when he has to take heat for it.  Remember the apple juice debacle?  He consistently encourages people to seek natural and more holistic approaches to healing themselves and while so many doctors continue to push various forms of medications for pretty much everything, I feel like he really tries to help people heal themselves vs. just treating symptoms.

So, I agreed to do it and they emailed over all the details.  They wanted me to film myself making my Yiayia’s avgolemono soup, which of course, I thought was awesome.  You all know how much I treasure family recipes and traditions.  Instead of taping it at home, I packed up the van and drove over to my Yiayia’s house so we could film at her house.  She is obsessed with Dr. Oz, so this was really exciting for her.  They even asked for photos of me, my mom and her, so she may even be making her daytime debut as well, lol.


My brother-in-law does professional video work, so he met me there and did all the filming for me.  He’s so good behind the camera and I was really glad to have his expertise, not to mention this let DH off the hook.   You rock, Georgie Porgie.  :)

I think we laughed more than we filmed though.  I can’t stand the sound of my own voice or seeing myself on camera, so every time George asked if I thought a clip was ok, I just busted out laughing.  Even Lucky got a kick out of it.

Filming for Dr. Oz

We had a great day and I’m grateful to have been able to share the experience with my yiayia and add this experience to my book of memories.

The episode airs this Friday so tune in!  Check your local listings for show times.  (I’ve always wanted to say that…)  ;)  I’ll be linking to the episode once it’s posted on the Doctor Oz site, so if you miss it check back here for a link.  Have a great day everyone!

Christ is born! Glorify Him!


Wishing you and yours a blessed feast of the Nativity. May the love and peace of our precious newborn Lord fill your hearts this day and always.

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas! See you next year!


A few of my Favorite Things {gift guide}

My Favorite Things 2013

I’ve been meaning to post a list of some of my favorite things for weeks now but haven’t had the chance until now.  Since today is the 13th of December I’ve chosen thirteen of my very favorite things.   Some I already own and love and others are on my revolving Christmas list.  <3

[Read more...]

Buy Mint Merry Soap and support The Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry!

mint merry soap

I love supporting companies that contribute their earnings to worthy causes.   That’s why I was really excited to try this Mint Merry Soap  made by the fathers of Hermitage of the Holy Cross monastery.  The soap is scented with mint, rosemary and lavender which makes it smell so wonderful and perfect for not just Christmastime but all through winter.

This year, when you purchase a bottle of soap, the monastery is donating 10% of it’s proceeds to the Orthodox Christian Prison Ministry.

The thought of helping this ministry really struck a cord with me because it made me realize how seldom I even think about prison ministries.  [Read more...]

who is teaching our children?



Why we don’t celebrate Halloween.

Let Your Light Shine

***Note:  There are photos below that are not appropriate for children.  So, go hide in a closet and read this or make sure your kids are out of the room! ;)

Each year I say I’m not going to post on this subject again but then I change my mind for one reason or another.  People are constantly landing on my blog this month by searching things like ‘Orthodoxy Halloween’ or ‘Do Orthodox Christians Celebrate Halloween’.  There are even the occasional folks just in search of a ‘pumpkin recipe’ and good ‘ole google sends them my way.  For those of you who did land here by mistake and not in search of a religious discussion on Halloween, here is my favorite pumpkin recipe.  You might want to click that link now. [Read more...]

Important Prayer Request

Car Accident

If you follow my blog’s Facebook page, you may remember a prayer request that I posted for two people who were in a terrible car accident a couple weeks ago in North Carolina.  I’ve been meaning to post the whole story here as well, but alas, with Ace’s school schedule, Lucky’s homeschooling and everything else going on, I haven’t had a chance until now.

Jacob, a 15-year old boy with a learner’s permit, was showing a friend and his family the new 2010 Nissan Maxima that his parent’s had just surprised him with for his upcoming 16th birthday.  I’m not sure exactly how the next series of events played out but he ended up getting his friend’s mother, Theodora, to agree to go along for a quick ride.  (Theodora attends the church we visit when in NC)

The roads where they were driving are full of twists and turns and according to one of the news articles, Jacob went to over correct a turn and ran the car into a tree.   Both Theodora and Jacob had to be extricated from the vehicle.  Speed was also a factor, though he was not over the speed limit.

When rescue workers were  attempting to free Theodora, they told her she was lucky she was sitting in the backseat.  Theodora then responded that she was not seated in the back, that she was in the passenger seat.  The rescue worker then told her she was lucky she was not wearing her seat belt because the impact would have crushed her.  It was then that Theodora told him that she was indeed wearing her seat belt and that she never travels without one.

Car Accident

The paramedic didn’t know what to say and told her it was a miracle she was alive and someone must have been there to protect her.

Apparently, she was buckled into the passenger seat and the last thing she remembers was getting ready to hit the tree.  She was knocked unconscious temporarily until the sound of the helicopter roused her.

They were both airlifted.  Theodora was in serious condition and suffered some major injuries, but thank God is doing well.  Jacob, on the other hand, has still not woken up.  He was scheduled for surgery two days after the accident but in the middle of the night his lungs collapsed and surgery was postponed until a couple days later.

However, I just heard news again that he is not doing well.  They fear he has suffered brain trauma and are not yet sure if there is any brain activity.

The family is asking for prayers from everyone for Jacob.  Please, if you can do a round of komboskinia for him, do a paraklesis, or whatever prayers you want, just please pray for him and his family.  Ask God to strengthen and comfort them and for Him to send the Holy Spirit to heal Jacob.  Please, pass this request on to as many people as you can right now.

Below are several news articles about the accident: